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So Carson Kressley Dated an Axe Murderer

RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Carson Kressley has a dating history, okay? Like, with timelines and footnotes and cross-referencing. Speaking to Andy Cohen on WWHL, Kressley said the worst date of his life was one with a person he categorized as “an axe murder.” Apparently Kressley had taken this fella home after a night at the bars, and the gentlemen did not get down to business so much as make a sandwich. So the guy makes himself a sandwich and leaves. Weird, but not earth-shattering. Cut to later, when Kressley happens upon a Most Wanted poster, and the man is wanted for multiple murders. Kressley came out ahead — not only by not getting axe murdered, but also by getting a story to eat out on for the next decade.

WWHL: So Carson Kressley Dated an Axe Murderer