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What Red-Carpet Photo Will Zoë Kravitz Use to Respond to Twitter Commotion?

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

After posting two fit pics on Instagram condemning Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, Zoë Kravitz has found herself mixed up in a Twitter brouhaha. “Here is a picture of my dress at the party after the award show where we are apparently screaming profanities and assaulting people on stage now,” she wrote in one caption.

It was one reaction to the Slap out of the roughly infinity that have been posted online, yet it has somehow spiraled into an attack on Kravitz’s character. With so many protagonists in this Oscars drama — the comedians, the hosts, the parents — why are people coming for everyone’s favorite nepotism baby? Her dresses were cute!

The tweets surfacing about Kravitz on Twitter after her Instagram post are mostly focused on previous interviews in which she spoke about hanging out Jaden Smith, then underage, as friends, as well as her past relationship with Ezra Miller, who was recently arrested in Hawaii. Kravitz has yet to acknowledge the hullabaloo, but if she ever does, hopefully she will do so with another red-carpet shot. She hasn’t shared a good photo of the back of her Vanity Fair after-party look yet!

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What Pic Will Zoë Kravitz Use to Respond to Online Brouhaha?