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Watch Earl Sweatshirt’s Favorite Loiter Squad Sketch

Beloved-ass Adult Swim show Loiter Squad may be gone, but its impact remains strong. On Vine, in TikTok sounds, and every time someone brings a birthday gift on a birthday to a birthday party on a birthday with a birthday gift, the presence is felt. Earl Sweatshirt told Desus and Mero what it was like making the show. “We had way too much creative control,” he said. “We had some dumbass ideas that went through.” Sweatshirt said his favorite sketch was one called “Lettuce Milk.” He implored the Showtime viewing audience to check it out. “It’s a deep cut,” he said. Well, here it is, folks. Below is “Lettuce Milk,” which is true nonsense. Or as Earl Sweatshirt put it, “It’s some of the dumbest shit you’ve ever seen.”

Desus & Mero Discuss Loiter Squad With Earl Sweatshirt