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Fire Island Trailer Is All Pride, Zero Tolerance for Prejudice

Do you think Jane Austen, dying of an excess of bile in 1817, could have possibly, in her wildest dreams, imagined that over 200 years into the future, Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang would star in a Pride and Prejudice adaptation about the micro-dynamics of Fire Island gays? Yes, we think she definitely did — and she probably even wrote about it in a journal somewhere. If only she could have lived to see the trailer for Fire Island! It’s less corsets, more core sets and reps. It’s less bustles, more muscles. The trailer introduces Kim Booster and Yang as Noah and Howie, who go with a group of besties every year to Fire Island, where they stay in a cottage with Margaret Cho, playing a sort of surrogate mom to this group of man-babies. But their dynamic gets shaken up when the friends fall for two guys from the other side of the beach. Come for the intelligent romance, stay for Matt Rogers puking into a vase. Fire Island premieres on Hulu on June 3.

Fire Island Trailer Is All Pride, No Tolerance for Prejudice