don't you know that you're toxic?

Future Has His ‘Own Definition’ of Toxic

Photo: Burak Cingi/Redferns

If Future’s an expert in something — besides the slurred Atlanta trap style he perfected over the past decade — it’s toxicity. “Bitches” are among the man’s favorite topics to rap about, and the real-life evidence bears out, including his seven children with seven different women. Even GQ acknowledged it’s his “trademark” in a new cover proclaiming Future the “Best Rapper Alive” ahead of his new, yet-untitled album out April 29. So let’s hear the man out on what he knows best. “People have their own definition of what toxic is,” Future told the magazine. “[These women] all were toxic to me. They just don’t want to admit it.”

Future says we’ve got it all wrong, and he was never the toxic one. To backtrack, this came up with regard to Future’s 2022 single “Worst Day,” about celebrating Valentine’s Day with too many women in your life. Totally nontoxic, right? His theory behind putting out the song was simple: “Get past it. Talk about it. Don’t have to talk about it no more.” But the video kept people talking about it thanks to a cameo by YouTuber Kevin Samuels, who has his own toxic views on what “modern women” get wrong. Future, for his part, claimed he didn’t know about Samuels’s reputation beforehand, and the cameo came from the director.

But back to the toxic stuff, because this man has even more to say. Future said he’s been “living and growing,” and his new album is going to reflect that. It’s “about sometimes having an open heart, handling everybody with open arms, man.” But that can have its consequences, he continued. “Sometimes people out there try to make you seem like the suspect,” he said. “Really, you are the victim.” Take it from the man who’s about to publicly wish seven different women a happy Mother’s Day in a few weeks.

Future Has His ‘Own Definition’ of Toxic