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What’s With All the Red Carpet Make Outs?

Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by Getty Images

The hottest award show accessory? The human tongue. Making out on the red carpet is all the rage right now thanks to two twisted dark twin flame couples: Machine Gun Kelly/Megan Fox and Kravis. Red carpet smooches are these four’s love language, which is why award season has been such a boon for them. Kravis may have even made Oscars history by swapping spit on the red carpet. Not since Angelina Jolie and her own leg has the sexual tension between two celebs been so palpable.

But the 2022 Grammys red carpet was where kisses really took center stage. Not only was there the expected Kravis Kiss, but we got smooches from the Biebers and Omer Fedi and Addison Rae. This was the latter’s red carpet debut, and they wanted it to be very clear they were not attending as just friends. They are, in fact, kiss partners. Make a note of it.

Speaking of Angie, she and Billy Bob Thornton used to be the PDA GOATs. It’s no surprise that Fox and Kelly expressed their devotion to each other by claiming to have drank each other’s blood. — Billy Bob walked, so that the MGKs of the world could run.

It makes sense that red carpet make-outs are having a moment. What is a better way to telegraph “Pandemic over! Things are fine!” than to give out big, maskless smooches? Red carpets are back, and the celebs are spitting in each other’s mouths.

Grammys 2022: What’s With All the Red Carpet Make Outs?