Okay, But Can Haim Actually Sing the ‘Hungover’ Song on Tour?

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

There are some TikTok sounds that were born to go viral. A sound about drinking and being hungover the next day? Millennials ate it up faster than the word “adulting.” With over 8 million views, Haim posted a TikTok in the back of a limo on their way to the Oscars, singing about how they’re “going to be hungover.” The sisters have resurrected the song in their latest TikTok, adding instruments to the mix and seemingly teasing singer Charlie Puth. Charlie Puth frequently posts TikToks that follow a similar pattern, so much so that there was an ad campaign from the app that features his videos. He begins with “What if there was a song …” followed by him imitating the sound he’s about to play. “What if there was a song that started out like chica, chica, chica?” asked Este Haim as the video cut to Alana Haim playing an egg-shaker. They add more instruments like congas and woodblock until they reveal that the “Hungover” song is back. “What if the chorus was like, ‘I’m gonna be hungover?’” asked Este once more until the sisters broke out into song, combining all the instruments into a new version of the jingle. “no but we’re actually gonna perform this,” commented the band’s official TikTok to the video, in reference to their upcoming One More Haim tour beginning next week. We’re holding you to it, Haim!

If you need a lyric breakdown:
I’m gonna be hungover
I’m gonna be hungover
I’m gonna drink a bunch of different drinks and I’m gonna be hungover

Okay, Can Haim Actually Sing the ‘Hungover’ Song on Tour?