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Um, IMDb TV Is Calling Itself Freevee Now

Photo: freevee

Look, everyone knows the name IMDb TV has never been super-clear. For one, it’s hard to Google. Type “IMDb TV” in a search bar — years after the free streaming service launched — and you still run the risk of clicking on IMDb’s guide to what’s on TV. That’s pretty bad, especially if you’re trying to tell friends in a loud bar where they can watch Mad Men or Murder, She Wrote for free. The corporate owners at Amazon have gotten the message. Starting April 27, IMDb TV goes by the new banner “Amazon Freevee.”

It’s better than IMDb TV, and the logo is an upgrade, but not by much. A Freevee sounds like a tattered lower-tier Pokémon card: You won’t say no to it in a trade, but it’s no mint-condition, holographic Charizard. The new name does seem to acknowledge that the most appealing aspect of IMDb TV is that no one has to spend a penny to watch it. Emphasizing that when there are approximately 15 million other streaming services out there might not be a bad move. The company also said it’s upping its originals game by 70 percent this year with new shows like the spinoff Bosch: Legacy and films like the rom-com Love Accidentallynot to be confused with the international Netflix rom-com Accidentally in Love. Maybe they’ll consider calling it something else.

Um, IMDB TV Is Called Freevee Now