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Watch Lizzo Bring Disco Back to the YMCA in the ‘About Damn Time’ Video

Lizzo is back and she’s bringing Fight Club references. The “About Damn Time” video starts in a “Stressed & Sexy” support group. Lizzo runs out and switches into her Tyler Durden-ified self. Disco Lizzo starts out a figment of Plain Lizzo’s imagination in the mirrors of the rec center, but she eventually takes over. The whole dang health club is popping off. Not since “YMCA” has the “YMCA” been this funky.

Lizzo leaked a snippet of “About Damn Time” on The Late Late Show with James Corden last month. On the talk show, she said that her mom was the last person to give notes on the album, because she’s a Virgo and Virgos are harsh critics. The full album, Special, is due out July 15.

It’s About Damn Time for a New Lizzo Video