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Jim Carrey Is Nightmare Fuel in the Weeknd’s ‘Out of Time’ Video

The Weeknd’s new “Out of Time” video, which dropped this Tuesday, starts with a set of plausible scenarios. The Weeknd singing his own song at karaoke? Plausible. The Weeknd dating Squid Game star Jung Ho-yeon? Definitely plausible but far less desirable because then I’d have to battle him for her affections. The duo embarks on a rom-com date night that involves bringing a karaoke machine to a variety of unorthodox places: an elevator, a hotel bar, a lobby where the pair run around and trip over cords. But then the dulcet, ’80s-inspired beats of “Out of Time” warp and slow down, signifying that the video is about to devolve into something much more sinister.

Enter Jim Carrey, starring as the sleep-paralysis demon you see in the corner of your room at night. In an even darker, twistier parody of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Carrey delivers an eerie voice-over that alludes to wiping the Weeknd’s memories. He performs surgery on the singer’s face in a sterile hotel room and puts a mask over him — no, not the green one Carrey wore in The Mask — before subtly name-dropping “103.5 Dawn FM,” the title and concept of the Weeknd’s recent studio album released on January 7. The album is full of spoken-word appearances from Carrey, Quincy Jones, and even Josh Safdie. Carrey’s gonzo approach to radio advertisements will haunt your dreams for days.

Jim Carrey Masks the Weeknd in the ‘Out of Time’ Visual