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The Kardashians Ask the Court to Dismiss Blac Chyna’s ‘Absurd’ Klaims

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue/Michael Tran/Getty Images

A week into the Los Angeles trial in Blac Chyna’s court case against the Kardashians —in which she is accusing Rob, Kris, Kim, Khloé, and Kylie of conspiring to cancel her reality show as well as assault, battery, domestic violence, harassment, defamation, and interference with contractual relations — the family’s legal team has told Judge Gregory Alarcon that Chyna’s alleged damages are “absurd.” The lawyers argued that, despite Chyna’s testimony on the stand, she has not provided any evidence that she suffered her significant claims of economic damages and distress, which add up to a staggering $147 million, and called her request “wildly speculative.” Chyna is seeking economic damages only from Kris, Khloé, and Kylie (not Rob), according to the Kardashians’ legal team.

“There was no documentary evidence, economic analysis, or expert testimony that would support them,” lawyers for the family argued in court papers on April 26 after Chyna provided testimony on the stand in a downtown courtroom. The papers argued that Chyna’s claims that her fee for paid social-media posts would have increased to $45,000 per paid post and her fee for paid appearances would have increased to $40,000 if she had remained on the show were presented without any tangible evidence. “To back up her claim of seeking $36 million damages for emotional distress,” the Kardashians’ attorneys said, Chyna produced only one payment of $820 made to a therapist in July 2021 to “back up” her seeking $36 million in damages for emotional distress she suffered over the past five years. When Chyna took the stand on April 21 and 22, she refused to answer questions about her total income or the total amount of losses she was claiming for lost TV appearances, according to court documents.

“Ms. White’s emotional distress damages are unsupportable as a matter of law,” the court papers filed by the attorneys for the Kardashians stated. Judge Alarcon has not yet ruled on the request to dismiss Chyna’s claims of damages.

The Kardashians Ask to Dismiss Blac Chyna’s ‘Absurd’ Klaims