SNL, Please Make Melissa Villaseñor’s Cesar Perez a Recurring Character

We haven’t seen much of Melissa Villaseñor on Saturday Night Live lately, which is sad news for all of us, because Villaseñor is a master not only at celebrity impressions, but also at playing sad, strange characters with unexpected heart. Case in point: Cesar Perez, who made his debut on last night’s “Weekend Update.” Cesar is Colin Jost’s driver, and starts things off strong by giving us Jost’s full address before trying out some stand-up for the crowd (“I got the mind of Mencia, man.”) Cesar’s comedy mostly revolves around roasting his nephew Carlitos, but this is complicated by Cesar’s intense guilt and love for Carlitos. (“What kind of man says that about his nephew? I gotta apologize.”) Villaseñor is note-perfect here, and we hope this is just the first we’re hearing from Cesar. Watch the full bit above.

Melissa Villaseñor Debuts Cesar Perez on SNL