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Olivia Rodrigo, American Girl Doll Actress, Visits New York City’s Hottest Café

Olivia Rodrigo and Grace Thomas. Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by Getty Images and Retailer

If you ever have a day to unwind in New York, naturally you have to hit up the city’s hottest restaurant: the American Girl Doll Café. It’s got everything from pink lemonade to bow-tie pasta to little seats for your American Girl Dolls. And fresh off of two sold-out nights headlining Radio City Music Hall, Sour singer and former American Girl Doll actress Olivia Rodrigo did just that, treating herself to a day at the American Girl Doll store and café. Girlie even wore a fun little crown and reunited with her doll, Grace Thomas — a.k.a. the 2015 American Girl of the Year she played in the live-action film Grace Stirs Up Success. Stir up success, she did!

As if our heart hadn’t already grown ten sizes bigger, Rodrigo even met with some fellow dollies. A dad who took his daughter to the celeb-favorite café the day after going to Olivia’s concert posted about it on Instagram. “As we walk out of the café, I am star stuck to see Olivia and she was so cool to stop and hug Violet and speak with her!” he shared, giving the “dolls r dolling” a very literal new meaning.

Olivia Rodrigo Visits New York City’s Hottest Café