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Dazed and ‘Screwed’: Richard Linklater Claims He ‘Didn’t Make Any Money’ Off Cult Classic

Photo: Gary Miller/Getty Images

A cult classic that launched the careers of Ben Affleck, Parker Posey, and Matthew McConaughey, Dazed and Confused solidified writer-director Richard Linklater’s narrative style and inspired stoners everywhere to have a good time. Despite being a beloved movie, Linklater describes going through the true “Hollywood experience” when making the quotable film. He spoke to the Daily Beast about Dazed and Confused and revealed that he reportedly “didn’t make any money off” the film. When asked how it happened, Linklater responded, “I don’t know. Ask Universal! [Sigh] Hollywood accounting.” He also claimed he asked Universal for a “piece” of the profits from the film’s soundtrack, as he chose all the songs for the film, but was denied owing to its being his “first film.” “Everybody has that story of getting screwed with their first project. That film was an indie success,” continued Linklater. “It made more than it cost theatrically, and over the years it’s been everywhere.” Despite feeling upset over his contract, he’s still thankful he got to do a film studios “wouldn’t green-light … today.” “I’m still grateful I got the film made, and got it made the way I wanted it to,” he concluded. Guess he’s just gotta keep on livin’.

Director Richard Linklater Claims He Was ‘Screwed’ by Studio