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12 Post–Keeping Up Moments We Want to See on The Kardashians

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It’s been ten months since the Kardashian-Jenner clan ended their long-running reality-TV series, and, well … they haven’t exactly gone anywhere. Whether it’s through the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion special following the finale, Kim’s hosting stint on SNL, or the very, very Instagrammed romance of Kourtney and Travis Barker, the famous family has stayed a consistent presence in our lives even without reality-show cameras documenting their moves. But for all the big moments from the past year that Kim, Kris, & Co. have deigned to share with us (and will continue to share on Hulu’s The Kardashians starting April 14), there’s plenty more that they’ve chosen to keep on the DL — and fans used to the unfiltered TV drama want details, now.

Thankfully, the trailers for The Kardashians have promised that some of the biggest family events since KUWTK’s end will of course be explored in the new series, including the ongoing issues between Kim and Kanye West and the secrets of Kourtney and Travis’s beachfront engagement. We have to assume the post-Grammys Vegas wedding will likewise be covered. But what about the smaller, yet no less entertaining drama that’s happened since KUWTK stopped filming? I’m talking 8-year-olds on TikTok, vacations to the Vatican, and blossoming friendships with celebrity prisoners. Hopefully, The Kardashians will do us all a solid and give these moments and more the spotlight they deserve. Let’s break down what we want to see, woman by woman.


That Trip to Staten Island With Pete

It’s basically a given that The Kardashians will talk about Kim and Pete meeting on SNL and the beginnings of their romance. But if it doesn’t explicitly show Kim traveling to Staten Island for what we can only assume was the first time in her life, then we’re calling b.s. Did they take the ferry? Did they eat pizza? Did Kim realize she was still technically in New York City? We must know all.

Those Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoiler Posts

Right before the New Year, Kim made the questionable decision to post several photos to her Instagram stories spoiling the big twists in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which had come out only a week prior. Suffice to say, her followers (and Marvel, probably) were not happy at all. But what actually went down there? Is Kim secretly a major superhero fan and just couldn’t keep her excitement in? Did anyone at Disney (which owns Hulu) really get mad? Was North the first one to call her out? Speaking of which …

North Calling Kim Out/Going Goth/Taking Over TikTok

Although the Kardashian-Jenner children are featured briefly in the Hulu show’s trailers, there’s no knowing yet just how much screen time they’ll actually get. But if North West does take on a supporting role, there is so much she could talk about, from her newfound TikTok fame (how did she and cousin Penelope convince their moms?), to her love of goth and emo culture, to her truly impressive burgeoning art career. If her parents are cool with it, let the girl share!

That Visit to the Vatican

In July 2021, Kim went to the Vatican in a barely admissible outfit alongside Kate Moss to see some artifacts. That’s about all we know, and it is simply not enough.


Double Dates With Travis, Megan Fox, and Machine Gun Kelly

Will The Kardashians depict Kourtney and Travis doing plenty of couple-y things? Without question. What’s unclear, however, is if it’ll also show them hanging out with BFFs Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. Let’s hope it does, because while the four of them clearly connect aesthetically and (for the guys) musically, what else do they really have in common? There is so much potential in watching them struggle to find things to talk about on an awkward double date.

Helping Travis Fly Again

Okay, but seriously, how sweet would it be to see Kourtney help Travis feel comfortable getting on a plane for the first time since his crash in 2008? It was a huge milestone for the drummer and, presumably, for their relationship.


Literally Anything But Tristan

Look, The Kardashians is obviously going to feature Tristan Thompson. The trailers make that clear, and even if they didn’t, it’d be way too conspicuously off for the show to ignore him completely, considering his permanent place in the lives of Khloe and their daughter. But come on. We do not need more scenes of the two of them trying to make it work, or Tristan begging for forgiveness, or even just Khloe complaining to her sisters about his unreliability. We had enough of that on KUWTK! Instead, show us Khloe coping with being next-door neighbors with her mom, or hosting that weird Candy Crush tournament, or finally apologizing to Jordyn Woods (we can dream, right?). Hell, we’d even take her giving us a tour of her absolutely insane pantry, as long as Tristan’s name isn’t mentioned.


Bonding With Martha Stewart and Lori Loughlin

Kris Jenner wakes up at 4:30 in the morning and manages approximately 600 businesses. She does not have time for new friends! And yet since the start of 2022, she has hung out with lifestyle guru/ex-con Martha Stewart and actress/fellow ex-con Lori Loughlin. Sadly, these events happened separately (could you imagine that book club?), but it’s clear that Kris’s friend group has grown in curious ways, and we have questions. Did Martha know/care about who Khloe was before being roped into a surprise lunch for her by Kris? Is Lori a regular at the Jenner household? Does she go to Kim for legal advice? Mysteries!

Recording “Jingle Bells”

On Christmas Eve, Kris gave us all an early gift by releasing a cover of “Jingle Bells,” produced by Travis Barker and featuring Kourtney on bells. It was no “I Love My Friends,” but that’s not to say that we don’t want to know every last detail about how and why this rendition came to be.


(Probably) Getting Engaged

Back in January, an Instagram post of Kendall and boyfriend Devin Booker sparked engagement rumors owing to the appearance of a gold ring on his finger and the possibility of her hiding her own. In the time since, that speculation has only grown, thanks in part to suspicious DeuxMoi posts and the fact that a(nother) wedding-to-be would be a really good distraction for the family right now. While neither Kendall nor Devin has confirmed anything, it wouldn’t be shocking for the reveal to have been saved for The Kardashians, and if that’s the case, we want to see it all: the proposal, the ring, the inevitable video of Kris joyfully sobbing upon hearing the news, you name it.


Changing Wolf’s Name

Sure, The Kardashians will probably show a good amount of Kylie’s pregnancy with her son, but will it show whether her and Travis’s decision to change his name from Wolf to … something else was due to mediocre public reactions, that drama with her former friend, or it simply not fitting the infant’s vibe? We can only hope.


All Those Drunken Shenanigans

It’s just a fact: Drunk (or hungover) Kardashians have historically made for the funniest TV, whether it’s Kylie and Kendall doing each other’s increasingly messy makeup, Kris dancing in the middle of a winery, or Khloe and Kourtney bragging to Kendall about turning down an offer from “Victoria” (of Victoria’s Secret, that is) to walk the runway. And in the last ten months, there have been plenty of opportunities for these kinds of antics, from star-studded weddings (Simon Huck’s, Paris Hilton’s) to Met Gala after-parties. If The Kardashians knows what’s up, it’ll show us at least a few drunken moments from a family who loves to let loose — at least when the cameras are rolling.

12 Post–Keeping Up Moments We Want to See on The Kardashians