Relive Coachella of Days Yore With This Vintage Ep of California’s Gold

If you’re tired of streaming this year’s Coachella Valley Music Festival, can we tempt you with a throwback to 2008’s festival? Some openhearted indie sleaze fan has put the Coachella episode of California’s Gold on YouTube, and it is a treat. Real heads know Huell Howser, the longtime host of California-specific travel shows on PBS. His enthusiasm for and confusion about literally everything on the planet made him a microceleb in CA, as well as an early impression of comedian James Adomian. In this episode, Howser gawps at installation art, gets very pumped for VHS or Beta, marvels at golf carts. There are so many! Wow!

Watch Coachella 2008 Through the Eyes of Huell Howser