a doctor in the house

Doctor From TV Surprises Girl From the North Country With Broadway Debut

Photo: Jim Spellman/Getty Images

The show must go on, and who better to ask than someone with years of experience as a doctor on television to play a doctor onstage. ER’s Anthony Edwards joined his wife Mare Winningham onstage as “Dr. Walker” Friday night for his Broadway debut in Girl From the North Country. In a short behind-the-scenes video, Edwards shared that he found out the show was about to be canceled for the evening due to performers out sick with COVID around 2 p.m. from Winningham, who then asked him if he’d be willing to step in. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Edwards. “I love this show; I love everything about it. And if this means like 800 people, 1,000 people get to see it tonight as opposed to cancel it, I’m in! Let’s go.” He then drove two hours to make it in time for a short rehearsal before performing. Edwards was off-book for many scenes of the show and received a standing ovation from the excited audience. The Big Apple couldn’t keep this doctor away, as Edwards will continue on with performances for the rest of the weekend.

Doctor From TV Surprises Girl From the North Country