Bad Bunny Brought His Best Cockroach-Stomping Shoes to the Met Gala

Vogue has begun releasing its annual “____ Gets Ready for the Met Gala” videos, parting the kimono on the process for folks like Olivia Rodrigo, Kravis, and Glenn Close. Bad Bunny showed off his lewk for his Met Gala debut, courtesy of Burberry. The fit blended Burberry’s men’s and women’s lines, evoking Puerto Rico’s Gilded Age fashion. Puffy sleeves for her, fitted suits for him, both for Bad Bunny. The look was capped off with shoes that Bunny described as perfect for squishing cockroaches. Apparently, you want a very flat sole to smash a cockroach, that way there’s no escape for that little fucker. Probably aids in cleaning bug guts off, too. Imagine getting cockroach viscera out of a really textured sole. Yuck. Anyway, gilded glamour!

Bad Bunny Brought Cockroach-Stomping Shoes to the Met Gala