Benedict Cumberbatch Sneaks the Oscars Slap Into His SNL Monologue

Who could have imagined that we’d still be talking about the 2022 Oscars this long after the ceremony? In case you forgot that Benedict Cumberbatch was also in the running for Best Actor this year, the Doctor Strange actor snuck a subtle reminder into his opening monologue on last night’s Saturday Night Live. While discussing his filmography’s potential for SNL sketches, Cumberbatch said Lorne Michaels told him that no one had seen The Power of the Dog. “I said, ‘Come on, man. I was nominated for an Oscar for that,’” Cumberbatch recalled. “I did okay … I mean, I didn’t win. I was beat by Will Smith.” After groans and laughs from the audience, he clarified, “No, not physically. Not physically.” He then moved onto a few Mother’s Day jokes, thanking his mother for inspiring his toothless red-carpet smile and exchanging weird nicknames with him as a child (“I called her Pookie, and she called me Benedict Cumberbatch”). Watch the full monologue above.

Benedict Cumberbatch Sneaks Oscars Slap into SNL Monologue