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David Cronenberg’s Got Some New Flesh in Crimes of the Future

Photo: Neon/YouTube

David Cronenberg, you absolute loon (Canada pun), by gum you’ve done it again. Eight years after Maps to the Stars earned Julianne Moore a Best Actress prize at Cannes, Cronenberg is going back to pure sci-fi body-horror squigginess in a new movie called, very Cronenbergily, Crimes of the Future. It takes place in “a not-so-distant future” where “humankind is learning to adapt to its synthetic surroundings and, as humans alter their biological makeup — some naturally, some surgically — the body itself becomes art.” Viggo Mortensen plays a performance artist who “sleeps in a womb-like bed suspended in mid-air” and whose body is growing new, weird organs that his creative partner, Léa Seydoux, interprets as tattoos. Kristen Stewart plays “an investigator from the National Organ Registry,” which we’re guessing has less to do with kidney donation and more to do with tracking down newly evolved gooey cyber-lumps. Here are some goodies you can see in the teaser:

- A six-eared man getting his eyes and mouth sewn shut
- Someone plugging in the aux … to themselves
- A boy crouching next to a toilet eating a waste bin
- A silvery lump glowing blue and green (very Titane-core)
- Something we’ll just call an “exoskeletal chair”
- Viggo’s tummy

The newest trailer gives us even more future-crimes to ponder. Remember the no-eyes-no-mouth-all-ears guy? He does some sort of modern dance. You want “a brand new organ never before seen?” You’ll get a brand new organ never before seen, a whole bunch of them. And K-Stew is in top jittery form, saying, “Surgery is the new sex.” Sonja Morgan’s new face vibes!

Already an official Cannes selection for 2022, Crimes of the Future premieres in June.

Crimes of the Future Is Just the Tip of the Cronenberg