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Finally! Watch Florence Welch Cover ‘Margaritaville’

From time immemorial, the question has persisted: Is Florence Welch a parrothead? Are her fins, indeed, up? Well, worry no more, American viewing public, for Florence Welch has covered “Margaritaville” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Half of it, at least. Not since the Blue Jean Committee have the vibes been this immaculate. The cover took place in the show’s “Audience Suggestion Box,” the refillable desk piece that contains the most quirky comedy ephemera of the whole show. Just before Welch takes her trip to Margaritaville, Jimmy Fallon psycho-kinetically shot spaghetti out of his eyes. So if that sounds fun to you, or if you want to see Abe Lincoln switch to oat milk (confirming a longstanding theory about the president), this is the clip for you.

Florence Welch Covers ‘Margaritaville’ on The Tonight Show