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Now, How Did Anna Paquin Get Involved With the Suspended Grey’s Anatomy Writer?

Elisabeth Finch and Anna Paquin. Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by Getty Images

Update, May 3 at 11:40 a.m.: Vanity Fair’s Elisabeth Finch saga is the most important two-part Grey’s Anatomy episode since the 2007 ferry-boat crash, and the second entry is out. This entry focuses on Jennifer Beyer, Finch’s ex from whom she mined and stole stories of trauma, and it elucidates a cliffhanger from episode one: What was going on with Anna Paquin and the kidney? It seems when Finch brought Beyer to her home in Ojai, California, for the first time, she disclosed that it was actually Paquin’s home but lied “that she owned part of it.” The article then clarifies, “Finch does not own part of Paquin’s house, a source confirms, nor does Paquin have anything to do with Finch’s kidneys.” When Beyer returned to Kansas, Finch sent her a “purple stuffed kidney.” The delusionista was thorough.

Original story follows.

Bad Art Friend has some new competition in the messy kidney-donation space. Vanity Fair has published the first entry in a two-part series on Elisabeth Finch, the Grey’s Anatomy writer who allegedly lied about her medical conditions (including a rare form of bone cancer, chondrosarcoma) and personal trauma. Among her essays for publications like Elle and episodes of the ABC show apparently inspired by her life, in 2017, Finch reportedly posted to Facebook, “Two hospital hangouts. Nearly two weeks of hell. But FINNNALLLLY…One happy, healthy kidney. Thanks for all the [heart emoji].” According to colleagues on Grey’s, she claimed that “Anna Paquin was to thank.” Apparently, Finch and Paquin had become friends when Finch was a writer on True Blood. Paquin did not comment on the article, and the phrasing makes it unclear whether Finch was suggesting that Paquin helped arrange for the possibly fictional kidney transplant or whether Finch was implying that Paquin literally donated her own kidney. Maybe that’s in part two?

Now, How Is Anna Paquin Involved With the Grey’s Scammer?