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Harry Styles Moved Into Harry’s House While Touring Fine Line

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Harry Styles/Getty Images for Coachella

Most artists begin working on their next album when they’re fully done promoting their older records. But there was a little thing called COVID-19 that set back many delays in the music process, specifically live touring. Harry Styles revealed in an interview with Zane Lowe that he had nearly finished Harry’s House while preparing for the Fine Line tour, which led to confusion between the two albums when performing. “By the time we went out touring, I’d finished this album” — Harry’s House — “and I got to play those songs” from Fine Line “with the knowledge of what was next,” revealed Styles. “I feel like I got to hide a secret this whole time.”

A few times while on Love on Tour, Styles forgot lyrics to songs such as “Woman” and “Sign of the Times,” but he explained that he was already in Harry’s House mode before the tour officially started. “When I went into rehearsals for the tour, I had just been mixing the new album, so I had been listening to it constantly. And I guess in the first rehearsal, I’m trying to remember the words. What are these songs?” joked Styles. And it makes sense! It’s like studying for two different tests at the same time. But instead of leading up to an exam, it’s leading up to one of the summer’s most anticipated albums.

Harry Styles Moved Into Harry’s House While on Tour