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Is Kevin Spacey Doing a Movie in Hungary Because He Thought We Wouldn’t Notice?

craggy. Photo: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images

News of Kevin Spacey’s sexual misconduct must not have made it over to Central Europe, because Hungarian director Peter Soos seems to have had no problem casting him in his upcoming historical drama, 1242 — Gateway to the West. Deadline reports that the U.K.-Hungarian-Mongolian co-production will be on sale at Cannes Market and is set to begin principal photography in October. Just as a refresher, Spacey has faced numerous allegations of sexual assault, including sexual assault of minors. Two of Spacey’s accusers have died in the years since actor Anthony Rapp came forward with his own account of Spacey’s alleged assault in 2017. Rapp is currently suing Spacey for the alleged incident, which took place when Rapp was 14.

“The film tells the story of Genghis Khan’s grandson Batu Khan, who was elected commander in chief of the western part of the Mongol empire,” the film synopsis reads. “[I]n 1242 Khan is confronted by a deeply spiritual man and a castle in Hungary that halts his invasion of Europe and ultimately causes his downfall.” The movie also stars Eric Roberts, Christopher Lambert, and Terence Stamp. Guessing Spacey isn’t playing Genghis Khan’s grandson …

Kevin Spacey Has Allegedly Been Cast in a Movie (in Hungary)