Pete Davidson Thanks Lorne Michaels in Final ‘Weekend Update’ Bit

In his final “Weekend Update” desk bit on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson reflected on his eight years at the show, his relationship with Lorne Michaels, and his lingering resentment over that Dan Crenshaw brouhaha in 2018. “Hello Colin and Che and millions of people only watching to see if I bring up Kanye,” Davidson said up top, marking one of the few times he’s publicly referenced the feud between himself and Kanye West. After recounting his first appearance on the show (“Back then, I was just a skinny kid and no one knew what race I was”), Davidson shared a few choice memories of his time on the show, including when he called Michaels after getting engaged to Ariana Grande following two weeks of dating (“He goes, ‘Oh, well, hold on for dear life.’”)

As for the Crenshaw joke, Davidson said, “I was simply making a joke about someone’s appearance without realizing that the medical condition behind it was a sensitive issue — which is an SNL alumni tradition,” referencing the (now ancient) Oscars Slap. Finally, Davidson emotionally thanked Michaels and the show before signing off, saying, “Thank you, Lorne, for never giving up on me or judging me, even when everyone else was, and for believing in me and allowing me to have a place that I could call home with memories that will last a lifetime.” Watch the full bit above.

Pete Davidson Thanks Lorne Michaels in ‘Weekend Update’ Bit