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Fall Into These Rutherford Falls Season-Two First Looks

Photo: Tyler Golden/Peacock

Get ready to head back to Terry’s casino next month. Peacock has shared a first look at the upcoming second season of Rutherford Falls, out June 16. “Ed Helms, Mike Schur, and I had an absolute blast making a show that’s heartfelt, laugh-out-loud funny, and depicts Native Americans in ways you never see on television,” showrunner and co-creator Sierra Teller Ornelas said in a statement. “Also, a lot of people get punched/kicked in the face.” Well! Knowing that the next season of Rutherford Falls literally packs a punch certainly casts another layer of drama over all these first-look images. In one, Terry Thomas (Michael Greyeyes), Nathan Rutherford (Ed Helms), and Bobbie Yang (Jesse Leigh) are standing in the casino, and none of them looks particularly thrilled. Could this be the start of a fight? Who do we think is most likely to throw hands?

Jana Schmieding and Ed Helms. Photo: Ron Batzdorff/Peacock

Rutherford Falls stars Jana Schmieding and Ed Helms as Reagan Wells and Nathan Rutherford, the unlikely best friends who lead the comedy series. According to a description from Peacock, the duo will have to “help each other tackle work, romance, and major changes to their small town and the Native American reservation it borders, initiated by Tribal Casino C.E.O. Terry Thomas” in season two.

Dallas Goldtooth and Jana Schmieding. Photo: Greg Gayne/Peacock
Kaniehtiio Horn Photo: Tyler Golden/Peacock

Dallas Goldtooth (Reservation Dogs) and Kaniehtiio Horn (Letterkenny), each pictured above, are also set to join the cast this season and seem like potential candidates for stirring up new drama. Perhaps we’re overthinking it and all the punching and kicking will be accidental … this show is a comedy, after all. For now, we don’t know exactly what the Rutherford Falls writers’ room — one of the largest Indigenous writers’ rooms on TV, with six Native writers — has in store. We’ll have to find out when all eight episodes of Rutherford Falls season two drop on Peacock on June 16.

Fall Into These Rutherford Falls Season-Two First Looks