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Selling Sunset, Season Five, Sold So Many Mistakes

Photo: Netflix

Selling Sunset is done fighting the “fake” allegations. The latest season appeared to make no effort to conceal obvious production mistakes, each an obvious cry for press attention rivaling, well, any one of the Oppenheim Group ladies. What are they trying to hide? The secret recipe for Emma Hernan’s vegan “empanadas”? The off-camera real-estate agents who actually do work? Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s totally real, not-fabricated-with-an-easy-out relationship? Hmmm, which one could it be? Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok have sussed out the most egregious mistakes, the ones that really make viewers question where Netflix’s money is going, and we’re pointing and laughing below. Maybe they’ll consider spending it on more desks next season.

Jason talking to his camera app.

Finalizing Chelsea Lazkani’s “astounding” offer, Jason Oppenheim gives his client a call apparently via his iPhone camera. The Oppenheim Group boss later demonstrated to TMZ that you can actually open the camera while on a phone call, but that doesn’t necessarily prove how it would happen accidentally nor does it prove Jason was actually on the phone. Show us the call log or we start calling you Chrishell’s ex.

How Fake Is It? Botched.

Chelsea’s rubber-band dress.

Chelsea has made it very clear that her décolletage needs to be at least at risk of popping out at any given event. At dinner with Jason, Mary Fitzgerald, and her husband, Jeff, in episode five, she clearly has two rubber bands holding her dress tighter. In multiple angles, the show doesn’t even attempt to hide the elastic nipples on her back, the first of many career-assassination attempts by the production team.

How Fake Is It? 175ccs each.

Emma’s giant hands.

My five-foot-two-ass has nothing negative to say about a tall queen’s proportions. Merely confused as to why the camera operators, director of photography, editors, and lighting crew conspired to set her up with this shot, making her hands obviously appear three shades lighter than her face. Not to mention, the depth makes her long fingers look positively Khloé Kardashian–like. This whole show is a setup, and I’m not talking about Jason and Chrishell.

How Fake Is It? Self-tan self-own. 

Christine’s Sleeping Beauty hats.

Christine Quinn’s hat changes from tiny and blue to pink and monstrous in a hot second. Isn’t continuity someone’s job? Is it mine now?

How Fake Is It? Chicken feathers!

Seems like nobody wants to work these days.

This is the official Vulture ranking of Oppenheim girlies who appear to put in the least amount of work. Go, girls, give us nothing!

10. Maya
9. Mary
8. Chelsea
7. Chrishell
6. Amanza
5. Emma
4. Heather
3. Davina
2. Vanessa
1. Christine

I would explain the ranking, but I’m so over labor. And by the looks of their laptops in pretty much every office scene, so is the cast of Selling Sunset.

How Fake Is It? Reality TV, baby.

Selling Sunset, Season Five, Sold So Many Mistakes