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The George Lucas Talk Show Lives to See Another Star Wars Day

Photo: Planet Scum/Twitch

Happy Star Wars Day! May the IP be with you. The annual celebration of Star Wars notions, canon-compliant and non-, started with something of a bummer when Planet Scum announced it would be shuttering. A Twitch network founded by Chris Gethard, Planet Scum is/was the home for many comedy streaming shows, including The George Lucas Talk Show. The network announced on IG that May 25 (which happens to be another big date in Star Wars history, coincidentally enough) would be the last regular broadcast for the channel. Other shows (like Mary Houlihan’s Painting Party) may be making other plans, but GLTS has already found a new home on Paul Scheer’s FriendZone.

Originating as a live show at UCB, The George Lucas Talk Show stars Dead Eyes’ Connor Ratliff as Retired Filmmaker George Lucas. During the pandemic, the show moved to streaming and began doing hella fundraisers. Flanked by sidekick Watto (The Tick star Griffin Newman) and producer Patrick Cotnoir, “George” interviews folks like Rich Sommer, Kevin Smith, and the majority of the cast of Arli$$. One time Rachel Zegler phoned in from the Oscars! It was the most exciting thing to happen that night.

The George Lucas Talk Show Moves to Paul Scheer’s Twitch