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The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Brings You the Multiverse: Sibling-Rivalry Edition

Tired of multiverse plots? Too bad! When season two of The Umbrella Academy concluded, it seemed like the Hargreeves kids had averted a swingin’ ‘60s apocalypse. But does altering the timeline ever go complication-free? The trailer for season three features a parallel universe of Hargreeves siblings. The Umbrella Academy has beef with its parallel-universe sibling, the Sparrow Academy. Beef that can only be squashed with a fight sequence set to a cheeky pop song. Even if the two academies can get over their rivalry, there’s still a time-travel paradox erasing all of existence. Oops. The Umbrella Academy season three stars Elliot Page as Viktor Hargreeves, who is still deadpan quipping his way through the universe(s). The Umbrella Academy kids also have the option to “marry, fuck, kill” their parallel universe selves, so that should be eventful. Season three drops on Netflix June 22.

Umbrella Academy Enters Multiverse: Sibling-Rivalry Edition