Watch Jesse Armstrong Read Nicholas Braun’s BAFTA Acceptance Speech for Matthew Macfadyan

These men won’t rest until all the shippers are dead from a “prolonged sexual tizzy.” That’s what it’ll say on the death certificates. Matthew Macfadyan won Best Supporting Actor for his role on Succession, and series creator Jesse Armstrong accepted the award on his behalf. As part of his speech, he read some prepared remarks. Not from Macfadyan, but from hisuke Nicholas Braun. “There’s no one I’d rather have kiss me tenderly on the forehead,” Armstrong-as-Braun said. “When we filmed that scene, I kept asking for more and more takes. But eventually Jesse Armstrong — a great man with a cool vibe — brought me into a corner on set and said ‘Nick, we have to move on. You’ve had enough forehead kisses, so go home, Nick.’”

Watch Jesse Armstrong Accept Matthew Macfadyan’s BAFTA