Amanda Seyfried Wants to ‘Spend Some Time’ With Elizabeth Holmes

Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes as Elizabeth Holmes. Photo: Beth Dubber/ HULU

Before we begin, please modulate the voice in your brain down one octave for the duration of this article. Thank you.

Amanda Seyfried told Jared Leto that Disney wouldn’t let her meet the real Elizabeth Holmes while filming The Dropout. In their Variety Actors on Actors conversation, released June 14, Leto asks Seyfried if Holmes had contacted her. “She wasn’t allowed to,” Seyfried responds. “She was in litigation, and Disney was very clear about what we could and couldn’t put in the show. I was never gonna meet her, but it was always a dream that maybe we would down the line.” Personally, sounds like a nightmare.

Seyfried was enthralled by the fact that Leto had met Holmes in 2015, presenting her with a “Woman of the Year” award. Letowho told Seyfried he likes Adam Neumann, the disgraced WeWork CEO he plays in WeCrashed offered to give Holmes Seyfried’s phone number, but she turned it down, saying, “No, it’s not the time,” and that she “would want to spend some time with her.” “There is a space for her, outside of this whole Theranos thing,” Seyfried goes on. “Outside of prison, if she goes to prison, she’ll spend her time there and then she’ll get out and then she’ll create something or invent something new that will work.” Holmes was found guilty of defrauding investors in January, but she awaits sentencing. Overall, the interview plays out like the end of SNL’s “The Actress” sketch where a woman can’t release herself from her character. Rooting for Seyfried to get Holmes (and her dance moves) out of her soon. Then, hopefully, she can get back to making eight Mamma Mia movies.

Amanda Seyfried Wants ‘Some Time’ With Elizabeth Holmes