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Watch Andy Cohen Spill the Tea on Kyle Richards’s Breast Reduction on WWHL

There’s a reason the show’s not called Watch What Happens Pretaped. Andy Cohen accidentally revealed on Wednesday night’s WWHL that Kyle Richards recently underwent breast-reduction surgery. Nothing to be ashamed of, and Kyle clearly wasn’t. Cohen, on the other hand, was deeply apologetic. Richards explained that she’d had the procedure done a few weeks ago and it was in service of never having to wear a bra ever again. Relatable! Somehow the conversation gets back on track, and Saturday Night Live’s Chloe Fineman manages to perform her imagined convo between Britney Spears and Drew Barrymore when the latter was a guest at the wedding of the former. However, to atone for this breach of reality-TV etiquette, Andy Cohen should have to disclose something low-stakes juicy. Do you have those really long old-man eyebrow hairs? Something like that. Turnabout is fair play, Andy.

Watch Andy Cohen Spill on Kyle Richards’s Breast Reduction