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Baz Luhrmann Had 20 Minutes to Memorize Elvis Presley’s Bedroom

Photo: Jeremy Chan/Getty Images

The Elvis Presley estate oughta be more careful about who they let into Graceland’s closed-off upper levels because they just might end up making Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis. The singer’s bedroom, and the bathroom where he died, are restricted to visitors, but in an interview with Apple Music Country, Luhrmann says he was granted rare access while doing research for his music biopic, out now. “I had to see it. I mean, the Japanese prime minister came and he couldn’t go up there,” Luhrmann says.

“Lisa Marie protects it because of what occurred up there. But I did go in, and without giving away too much, nothing’s been touched. The clothes have been removed, but nothing’s been touched. But I noted because I had to remember everything in 20 minutes; I wasn’t allowed to take a camera or anything. I had to remember everything to reproduce it for the set.” Luhrmann says the details include a white organ in the sitting room next to the bedroom and “a spiritual book open on a coffee table, sitting next to where the guitar was.” Luhrmann’s next movie should be an adaptation of an I Spy CD-ROM game.

Baz Luhrmann Had 20 Minutes to Memorize Elvis Presley’s Room