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Nicole Kidman to Make Heartbreak Feel Good in a Place Like Your Home

Photo: Fox Studios/Getty Images

In Australia, everything is topsy-turvy. Toilets flush backward. Mammals lay eggs. And in the case of Australia, movies are miniseries. Baz Luhrmann, surely riding high on the thrill of overstimulating us all half to death with Elvis, announced that he will be reworking his 2008 outback epic into a six-part limited series called Faraway Downs. According to Variety, this director’s cut “will be comprised of footage that was captured for the film, while offering an expanded, serialized version of the story,” starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, and it will have a new ending. Luhrmann says the limited series will have “alternative plot twists that an episodic format has allowed us to explore.” Faraway Downs, which is such an Australian-soap-opera thing to name a show, will be released exclusively on Hulu this winter. Next the ol’ Bazmanian devil will probably say he’s reworking The Great Gatsby into a first-person shooter. Spoiler alert if you never did your English homework.

Nicole Kidman to Make Heartbreak Feel Good in Your Home