Billie Joe Armstrong Says He’s ‘Renouncing’ U.S. Citizenship Over Abortion Ruling

Photo: Shutterstock

Billie Joe Armstrong really doesn’t wanna be an American idiot. The Green Day singer told a crowd in London that he’s “renouncing” his U.S. citizenship in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade and the constitutional right to an abortion. “I’m fucking coming here,” he said on the June 24 stop of Green Day’s Hella Mega Tour with Fall Out Boy and Weezer. “I have just had too much fucking stupid in the world to go back to that miserable fucking excuse for a country.” Armstrong then insisted to fans he was “not kidding.” Vulture reached out to representatives for Green Day to confirm Armstrong’s plans.

Armstrong is one of many musicians using their concerts to speak out about the ruling. Olivia Rodrigo covered Lily Allen’s “Fuck You” at Glastonbury in a pointed message to the Supreme Court, while Phoebe Bridgers and Billie Eilish also spoke out during their Glastonbury sets.

Billie Joe Armstrong ‘Renouncing’ Citizenship Over Abortion