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Las Culturistas Teach The View How to Pronounce ‘Las Culturistas’

Bowen Yang (Not pictured: bestie Matt Rogers). Photo: The View/YouTube

Gay emergency, publicists readers, Las Culturistas has made it to The View, with its name at least somewhat intact. That’s right, Saturday Night Live’s Bowen Yang and I Love That For You’s Matt Rogers have transitioned from The View viewers to The View guests, as is expected for the burgeoning international-superstar comedians-slash-podcasters. Proving their popularity, Whoopi Goldberg began the June 28 segment by pronouncing “Las Culturistas” as “Las Cul-tor-astas,” accompanied by a healthy does of utter confusion. She then got an assist from Ana Navarro, who gave our boys perhaps too much credit by pronouncing it as if the name is actually in Spanish. The titular Culturistas explain that the name is pronounced like “Maxximista” or “fashionista.”

The whole segment is pretty great, but we’re mostly just glad that Meghan McCain isn’t a co-host anymore, because after they agreed on the pod that they’d have to end themselves if McCain was able to charm them, the stakes on that meeting were far too risky. Instead, the comedians got to charm the daytime mainstays. Like when Matt says that their favorite place to go on vacation together is Disney World, Sara Haines replies, “That makes sense, that’s on brand!” “I’m so glad that that is where you go,” Whoopi says with a Cheshire Cat–style smile on her face. “Thrilled!” Whoopi’s pure, unadulterated love for Las Cult loving Disney is fun, but Sara’s “on brand” screams “Ally!”; this moderate is not surprised that men who became friends over Nicki Minaj lyrics love Disney.

The View Hosts Learn How to Pronounce ‘Las Culturistas’