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Roy Kent Won’t Get Your Hopes Up for a 4th Season of Ted Lasso

Photo: Leon Bennettice Association/Getty Images for the Critics Cho

Brett Goldstein wants to get one thing straight: He will not get your hopes up about anything. While fans (a.k.a Jennifer Lopez) may wish for an infinite amount of seasons of the Emmy-winning show, Goldstein has channeled his inner Roy Kent and refuses to lead people on for more. Goldstein spoke with the Sunday Times and confirmed that the third season of Ted Lasso is being written as a finale. “We are writing it like” a finale, shared Goldstein, who is also a writer on the show. “It was planned as three. Spoiler alert: Everyone dies.” As Goldstein reminds people of the facts of life, he and other Ted Lasso producers have always planned for the show to be a three-season story arc. Producer Liza Katzer told Deadline in March that the show was “initially down for three,” but the possibility for more is “up in the air at the moment.” Three seasons might be fine enough to wrap up the heartfelt TV show, but in the words of Kent himself, “Don’t you dare settle for fine.”

Roy Kent Won’t Get Your Hopes Up for a Ted Lasso Season 4