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Britney Spears Remembers Conservatorship ‘Restrictions’ During Vegas Residency

Photo: Marco Piraccini\Archivio Marco Piraccini\Mondadori via Getty Images

Britney Spears shared a piece of her mind about her Las Vegas residency on Instagram. The star posted a home clip of her imitating a viral dance from “Piece of Me” while writing about her struggles during her residency, which ran from 2013 to 2017. “I am sure it looks like a huge fail dancing in my garage or having a huge hole in the wall from burning down my gym …” she wrote, “but the truth is the path of doing shows in Vegas … the responsibility of so many people … well I got older and the restrictions on just being human having to call a doctor for permission to get Tylenol for a headache made me lose it 🤯.” At the time, of course, Spears was under her conservatorship, which ended last year. And in her bombshell 2021 testimony against the conservatorship, she also specifically referenced the Vegas performances, saying she was exhausted when she had to tour right after the residency. She further claimed she was put on lithium when she declined a second Vegas residency after that 2018 tour. (She later agreed to it, then canceled.) Now, at least, Spears is past jumping through those hoops. “Here is a post of me trying to be like Batman 😂😂😂🌹🌹🌹,” she wrote, explaining the dancing. “It’s a hard world but we’re all fireworks as @katyperry says.”

Britney Spears Recalls ‘Restrictions’ During Vegas Residency