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No, It Wasn’t All a Dream: Charlie Puth (Feat. Jung Kook of BTS) Is Real

Photo: Charlie Puth via YouTube

It looks like famed Maroon 5 fan Charlie Puth has taken a break from his illustrious work queer-baiting and being hot to put out new music. And it’s with Jung Kook from BTS. Charlie’s new song, “Left and Right,” was released June 24 along with an accompanying music video. Following the hiatus–slash–not hiatus of BTS, Jung Kook is the featured act in the song, with the rest of BTS nowhere to be seen. The video opens with Charlie in a stylish therapist’s office before Jung Kook shows up and vibes for a while? The idea behind this video is not super-clear. What is clear is that Jung Kook is overflowing with charisma and also that his lip ring is hot. (I will not be getting one. I will not be getting one.)

The song itself? Mostly just vibes. Those vibes? Mostly able to be ignored. The hook — “I can hear you over here, I can hear you over there” — is annoying! But the kind of annoying that burrows into my brain against my will, so I’ll be listening to it whether I want to or not. And Charlie, I miss those shockingly sick bass lines! Get them back!

Charlie Puth (Feat. Jung Kook of BTS) Is Real