Hey, Marvel, Chris Evans ‘Would Love’ to Play the Human Torch Again

Photo: Joe Maher/Getty Images

Maybe it can be a flame on-again, off-again thing? Chris Evans told MTV News that he “would love” to reprise his role as the Human Torch, a.k.a. Fantastic Four member Johnny Storm. “That would actually be an easier sell to me than coming back as” Captain America, he said. “Cap is so precious to me, and I almost don’t want to disrupt what a beautiful experience that was. But Johnny Storm, I feel like he didn’t really get his day.” Evans starred as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, which were released in 2005 and 2007, respectively. “That was before Marvel really found its footing,” he said. “I loved that role and, you know, who knows?” According to EW, Marvel Studios is currently working on another Fantastic Four movie, though the project faced a setback when director Jon Watts left. But Evans said he hasn’t been approached about playing the Human Torch, noting that he may have aged out of the part. “I mean, I don’t exactly look the same anymore,” he said. “That was 15, almost 20 years ago. Oh my God, I’m old. I really love that character, but I think … aren’t they doing something now with Fantastic Four?” That seems like a pretty clear hint that he’s not involved, but then again … we know MCU actors can lie.

Chris Evans ‘Would Love’ to Play the Human Torch Again