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Ezra Miller Accused of Housing Young Children and Their Mother in Unsafe Conditions

Ezra Miller. Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Ezra Miller’s quirky 96-acre Vermont hideaway appears less idyllic by the hour. On Thursday, a Rolling Stone investigation revealed that a 25-year-old woman and her three children — age 1 to 5 — have been living at The Flash actor’s Vermont farm in a roommate situation that worries the children’s father, as well as two sources close to the situation. The two sources say they’re concerned with the living arrangements because Miller’s home has unattended guns strewn across the living room, while there are mature marijuana plants growing on the property. According to one of the sources, the 1-year-old child allegedly played with a loose bullet and placed it in her mouth.

Local sources tell Rolling Stone that the mother and children have been reportedly living at the Stamford, Vermont, property since mid-April. The mother allegedly met Miller during one of their eventful trips to Hilo, Hawaii, in March. The children’s father alleges that Miller flew the mother and children out to Vermont without his knowledge. The father was not able to speak or see his children before their departure, he claims. He says that he’s been trying to pick up his children since April, and he learned about the unsafe conditions in mid-May. When the father called Vermont’s Department of Children and Families for a wellness check, the organization said nothing was wrong, according to text messages reviewed by the site.

According to Instagram posts reviewed by the site, the mother and children — who remain anonymous — appear to still be living at the Vermont farm. Sources claim that there are as many as eight assault weapons, rifles, and handguns strewn about the home. They also allege that there has been homegrown-marijuana use around the children that hasn’t been properly ventilated. The marijuana allegedly grown on the property exceeds the limit for unlicensed cultivation, Rolling Stone confirmed with Vermont’s Cannabis Control Board. Miller’s friend Whitney Suters has claimed that he and Miller run a weed company together — Rebel Alliance Cannabis. Rolling Stone asked why the father has not confronted Miller or gone to the police. “I don’t want [the children] to see anything like that. I just want them to see that, ‘Hey [Dad] showed up, let’s get in the car and go.’ It’s been traumatic enough,” he says. Vulture has reached out to Miller for comment but did not hear back by time of publishing.

Ezra Miller Accused of Housing Children in Unsafe Conditions