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Tove Lo Is the Alt Pop Queen (of Having Her Name Mispronounced)

Photo: WireImage

Tove Lo has joined the illustrious club of celebrities ⁠— Rihanna, Chrissy Teigen, Lindsay Lohan, and Ariana Grande among them ⁠— who have lowkey given up on getting people to pronounce their names correctly. In a TikTok, the Swedish singer explained that her name is actually pronounced Too-veh-loo, not Tove-low. She’ll answer to the latter, but if you wanna actually come correct, pronounce her name like the small island in Oceania. “Think of it as voulez-vous, Tove Lo,” she said. It’s an easy mistake to make, one RuPaul tried to avoid when announcing Too-veh-loo as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7. How many people made the same gaffe when she performed at Bonnaroo this past weekend? It boggles the mind. And to clear up the pronunciation for all the other famouses previously mentioned: The A in Rihanna is short; it’s Tie-gan, not Tee-gan; the H in Lohan is silent; and Grande is not pronounced like the Starbucks size (despite both of them being deeply Italian).

Tove Lo Is the Pop Queen (of Having Her Name Mispronounced)