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Jack Harlow Brought Lil Nas X (the T-Shirt) to the BET Awards

Photo: Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images for BET

Go on, boy, give us one thing! Jack Harlow donned a Lil Nas X T-shirt on the 2022 BET Awards red carpet, in an obvious nod to his “Industry Baby” pal getting snubbed by the award show. Lil Nas X called out the network/awards show for “an outstanding zero nominations again. Black excellence!” on social media shortly after the X-less nomination list was released. To date, the “Montero” artist has earned exactly one BET Award. Lil Nas X released a clip of “Late to the Party,” which starts with a rousing chant of “Fuck BET.” Lil Nas X acknowledged Harlow’s sartorial effort on Twitter, writing, “wow i really love this man.”

Harlow stood tall and horny proud, repping his boy. He joins Cara Delevingne and AOC, the Tinker family, and of course Macy “My New Album Drops Sept. 18 2001” Gray in the annals of message-delivering clothing.

Lil Nas X Fanboy Jack Harlow Attends BET Awards