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Watch Jimmy Fallon Demand Emma Chamberlain Explain Her Whole Deal

If you’ve ever heard the name Emma Chamberlain and gone “Who is that?” then know this: You are not alone. Jimmy Fallon basically asked the same question on her talk-show debut Wednesday night. Fallon’s first question on The Tonight Show was “Explain what you do,” a question Chamberlain could not adequately answer. “I think what I do is, like, put things on the internet,” she said, “and … just hope for the best.” Fallon’s second question? “Why do people love you?” That one was more rhetorical, as he immediately answered it for her. But in case you are still in the dark, Emma Chamberlain is a YouTuber who has pivoted to other concerns such as podcasting and making her own cold brew, which you steep like tea. Got it? Okay, moving on. What’s a Red Scare girl?

Jimmy Fallon to Emma Chamberlain: Why Do People Love You?