Jodie Comer Will Try Killing It on Broadway in Prima Facie Next Year

Look at that actorly pointing. Photo: Helen Murray

Hot off the “Uhhh …” finale of Killing Eve and the underloved greatness of The Last Duel, Jodie Comer is trying out a stage career. And by all accounts, it seems to be going pretty well for her. Comer will make her Broadway debut next spring in the solo play Prima Facie at a to-be-announced Shubert theater after earning raves for her performance in the show on the West End. The play, written by Suzie Miller and directed by Justin Martin, stars Comer as as a barrister who has “worked her way up from working class origins” to be at the top of her field but then is unsettled by “an unexpected event” that “forces her to confront the lines where the patriarchal power of the law, burden of proof and morals diverge.” In short, it’s a play about the way the law mishandles cases of sexual assault. Now if we can just get Alex Lawther’s Hamlet to transfer from the Park Avenue Armory, revive Mindy Kaling’s Matt and Ben, and have Adam Driver do whatever he wants onstage next season, we could get a whole Last Duel–themed season going. That’d be really exciting for the true Last Duel heads, of which there are legion, or at least a few members of the staff of Vulture.

Jodie Comer Will Try Killing It on Broadway in Prima Facie