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Julia Roberts and George Clooney Play Lovers to Exes … to Lovers?

Here’s a step-by-step primer for getting a divorced couple back together:

1. The exes team up to sabotage their daughter’s impulsive wedding to a man she met in Bali.

2. They room next to each other at the hotel, increasing the likelihood of late-night encounters.

3. The unlikely allies grow ever so close in their efforts to stop their kid from making the same mistakes they did. Sprinkle in a little bickering and a backward conspiracy to steal their daughter’s rings and you’ve got a foolproof plan to get the divorcees to fall (back) in love.

Wanna see it in action? It’s all in the trailer for Ticket to Paradise, an exes-to-lovers rom-com starring Julia Roberts as a mom who sees herself in her daughter and George Clooney as her co-parent co-conspirator in the whole wedding-sabotage situation. Kaitlyn Dever co-stars as their kid who’s just trying to Eat, Pray, Love all over some hot guy she met. “It’s probably going to be terrible,” Roberts said during May’s Cannes Film Festival. “Because there’s too much potential for it to be great, it’ll just implode on it itself.” Ticket to Paradise arrives on October 21.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney Play Exes to Lovers