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Loot Trailer: Maya Rudolph, Rich and Jilted, Vows to Save the World

Ah, the “spiraling billionaire to altruistic divorcée running a nonprofit” pipeline. Maya Rudolph stars in Loot, an Apple TV+ workplace comedy, giving MacKenzie Scott, the philanthropist formerly married to Jeff Bezos, who has donated over $12 billion to charity since 2020. In the trailer, Rudolph’s Molly Novak jet-sets around the world, takes little speed boats to board massive giga-yachts, and has a sprawling mansion in the hills. Her fairy-tale world crumbles after her husband cheats on her, leaving Maya and her assistant, Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster), in search for some meaning in her gilded life. Her existential crisis gets a focus when her charity foundation, run by Sofia Salinas (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez), brings her in. Molly’s next pet project-slash–raison d’être? Saving the world. Loot is out Friday, June 24.

Maya Rudolph Vows to Save World in the Loot Trailer