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The Trailer for Smile Boldly Asks, What If Smiling But Scary?

Photo: Paramount

When the Vulture staff saw that a trailer for a new film titled Smile had been released, we kicked back our feet, ready to enjoy the show. Smiling, after all, is a good thing. It means you’re happy! So imagine our shock upon viewing the trailer and realizing this was a horror movie. “No!” we cried. “This is an insane contradiction! What terrifying mind would think to put smiles and scary together? Now this looks to be a truly subversive film!”

Starring Sosie Bacon, Jessie T. Usher, and Kal Penn, Smile is set to be released in theaters on September 30, meaning it will be in theaters for much of October (the scariest month). The trailer indicates that the movie is doing one of the “pass on the monster” things that It Follows did so well a few years back. Bacon plays a therapist who catches the monster disease after her patient dies in front of her and carves a smile onto her face, something The Dark Knight did so well a couple of years back. Bacon then sees a whole lot of spooky smiling and learns she has one week to live, something The Ring did so well all those years back. We are very excited to watch this very scary-looking, very original, very smiley film.

The Trailer for Smile Asks, What If Smiling But Scary?