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Watch the Cast of Thor: Love and Thunder Get All Gallagher With Mjölnir

If we learned anything from his interview with Marc Maron, it’s that Gallagher isn’t right about everything. But on this one thing, he was right on the money: Smashing shit is fun. The cast of Thor: Love and Thunder played Spin the Mjölnir with Guillermo on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The rules were simple: When the hammer’s handle landed on a tile, you do what the tile says. Natalie Portman, Chris Hemsworth, and Taika Waititi all landed on “smash,” which meant they got to absolutely obliterate melons and squashes with Thor’s mighty hammer. Tessa Thompson did not land on “smash” but she did destroy some tequila shots.

Thor 4 Cast Gets All Gallagher With Mjölnir on Jimmy Kimmel