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Ukraine Can’t Host Eurovision Next Year

Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra Photo: Giorgio Perottino/Getty Images

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) announced that Ukraine can no longer host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest due to the invasion from Russia, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In a statement, the competition said, “in terms of security and operational guarantees, the necessary requirements for hosting, as set out in the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest are not met.” The previous year’s winner normally hosts the following competition in their home country; Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra won this year’s Eurovision. However, there is a “force majeure” rule for when it is unsafe to host, another country will be chosen. “Taking all of this into account the EBU, with regret, made its decision to move the event to another country and will continue discussions on finding a suitable location for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest,” stated the EBU.

There have been only five times when a winning country did not host the following year’s competition; however, none of the five declined to host due to war. In 1960, the Netherlands declined to host after already hosting two years before; France made a similar decision in 1963 and Luxembourg in 1974. Monaco was unable to host after not being able to find a suitable venue in 1972. Israel declined to host after winning twice in 1978 and 1979.

Russia was unable to participate in competing this year due to its invasion of Ukraine, and it’s safe to assume they will probably not be invited to participate next year.

Ukraine Can’t Host Eurovision Next Year